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Book a RENEW portrait session to Revitalize your marriage!

Remember your wedding day and all the love passion and affection you had for one another? Love was effortless when all you had eyes for was each other. Then married life began and soon your effortless love began to take some work when everything else seemed a priority!

A renew session isn’t just a photo shoot. It’s a time to RENEW your marriage, revive your relationship, rekindle your passion and relive your love! I have designed the perfect evening to truly help you get back to the love you had that day you each said “I Do”.

This “Date Night to Remember” includes:

• A questionnaire to “spark” your memories and help me to prepare your specialized renew shoot.
• A “walk down memory lane” 2 hour Photo shoot
• A romantic dinner for two at a local Hampton Roads Restaurant

Invest in each other and take time to RENEW your love
Starting at $275

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a RENEW Session a vow renewal?

This session is not a vow renewal but a portrait session designed to help you relive the love you share with your spouse. If you choose to do a small vow renewal as part of the session though, I can definitely accommodate that!

How is this different from a “normal” photography session?

This session is not a very unique and specialized shoot designed with just the two of you in mind. I plan the session by the answers you give on the questionnaires. We won’t be posing and I promise you’ll never here me say “look this way and say cheese!”

I don’t want you to think of this as a photo shoot… it’s a life changing time of rediscovery and renewal for your marriage. At times, I will be interacting and guiding you in reliving your favorite memories. While at others times when you are reminiscing on your journey of love; you may forget I am even there.

Do I HAVE to fill out the questionnaires?

The questionnaires are very important for me to create this specialized time. It also helps you to prepare your heart for the session. You fell in love with this amazing person for a reason… but with the day-to-day stressors of marriage, career and family, we often forget to make them a priority! The questions aren’t hard, I promise! They shouldn’t take you long, but while filling them out you will discover how incredible your own love story truly is!

Can we fill the questionnaires out together?

No. This session is designed to Renew and Rekindle your love and you WILL be able to share your answers with your spouse after the shoot. But to create this romantic and amazing night together, I ask that you prepare and answer your questionnaires alone.

Do we get to pick the location or restaurant?

Yes and No. I will choose the restaurant based upon your answers in your questionnaire. I want the whole night to be a romantic surprise! However, if you don’t like surprises, you can choose your own location and restaurant! Just let me know ahead of time that you would like to control that part of the session!

Does my session include any prints?

The session fee includes my time and talent, editing, planning and your meal for the night. You will be able to purchase prints, digital files and products at your viewing session about a week after your Renew session.