Devon Shanor Photography |  Virginia Beach, VA

Rock the Dress

A Rock the Dress session is a specialized session to capture you in your wedding, prom or other elegant dress enjoying life and having a little fun. We ladies often spend A LOT of money on these cherished dresses, but then don’t wear them more than once! A Rock the Dress, allows you to have some fun wearing that AMAZING dress and capture some incredible, unforgettable portraits!

Often the shoot is scheduled after your wedding or prom. You have already worn the dress so we don’t have to worry about getting it dirty or hurting it in any way before your big day. During this shoot, the sky is the limit on what you can do. You can get dirty or stay fairly clean, depending on what you want! You can simply walk through the woods or sit in a tree. Or you can get wet in the ocean or pool. You can have fun with paint and props… the sky is the limit!

Rock the Dress sessions are the perfect way to celebrate your unique style and show off your dress in a way you normally wouldn’t do! Some ladies choose to do their session alone while some prefer to have their husband or significant other. Some have even done a group session with their girlfriends. Like I said before, A Rock the Dress session has no limits! Bring the sparklers, paint, water guns, tools, skateboards, bubbles, old cars, suitcases, etc and we will create a portrait to remember!