A Perfect Purvis Wedding

• July 20th, 2018 •

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I don’t normally photograph weddings anymore but, I was overjoyed when Stephanie and Clay asked me to photograph theirs.  They had a beautiful mid-day woodland wedding and reception. Stephanie put everything together herself and the rain held off to allow us to enjoy everything she had constructed. She did an incredible job! It was a perfectly happy day for everyone and I was so excited to be a part of it.

Thank you Stephanie and Clay for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding.

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Saying I DO all over again | Hampton Roads Photographer

• July 27th, 2016 •

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If you follow my blog you will know this family.  I have been photographing them for years, ever since they were pregnant with their beautiful little Elliegh. So when Steven called me and asked me to photograph a surprise wedding renewal for them, how could I say no?  I LOVE surprises and I love Jenna, so I was super excited to photograph them saying “I Do” again! 

Family and friends from all over came to Virginia Beach to surprise them.  Not sure it was a complete surprise (I guess someone said something about someone coming to town in front of her) but it was a night to remember none-the-less!  I loved watching these two recommit themselves to each other and to their marriage.  Jenna and Elliegh were stunningly beautiful and Steven cleans up well too!  Blessings and love to you guys, thanks for always trusting me with your precious family memories!<3 <3



Cupcakes by the amazing Amy and Daniel with Apothecary Cupcakes.  http://apothecarycupcakes.weebly.com/

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Quick Wedding | Virginia Beach Photographer

• March 25th, 2014 •

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I love my church, Freedom Fellowship.  It’s a pretty amazing place.  We love God and we love each other.  A few years back, we realized that both within our church and outside, there were so many couples who wanted to get married but were choosing not to due to costs associated with a wedding.  Sure, they could run down to the justice of the peace, but every little girl dreams of the white dress, the church, the flowers, the cakes, etc.

As a church we decided to offer free weddings once a year. Yes, you read that right…free!  Everything is free: the flowers, the cake, the church, the pastor, the reception, the food and yes, even the photography.  The only thing we don’t provide is the groom and the dress!  🙂

I have been blessed to be a part of our “Free Wedding Day” ever since we began them four years ago.  This year, I was especially excited to be photographing one of the weddings as the groom’s family have been close friends for years!  (In fact, much of the family celebrated Thanksgiving with us last year!)

Tawnya made a beautiful bride and Dakota, a very handsome groom.  Everyone had a great time as this family knows how to turn it up!

We danced and laughed, two women got in a fight over the bouquet (seriously, they ripped it in half!) and there was a lot of awesome dance moves on the dance floor! And you should have seen the brother and sister dance…Kennedi, I love you! 🙂

After the reception we headed over to a local park to take some fun portraits.  We had gorgeous weather (which with this crazy winter we have had- was a miracle) and were able to capture some amazing portraits that I hope Dakota and Tawnya will treasure forever.

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