Jaita Turns Two

• August 22nd, 2016 •

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Turning two is a pretty big accomplishment and grandma (GiGi) wanted to celebrate with a photoshoot!  Little Jaita totally rocked her two year old session.  (Of course, like any two year old, she wasn’t completely cooperative and attentive the entire time… but with a little patience and bribery we made it work.)  

We included her momma’s favorite team, the Cowboys, much to dad’s surprise (not HIS favorite team) Elmo and her favorite baby doll.  Jaita is such a beautiful little lady and I love seeing her sassy little smile every time I get to photograph her!


Karsyn Turns ONE | Baby’s First Year Photographer Virginia Beach

• May 29th, 2015 •

Copyright ©  Devon Shanor Photography | All rights reserved

My Baby’s First Year program is so very special to me!  I am done having little ones of my own, so being able to photograph all the little milestones in my little clients is such an incredible joy for me.  You have met my little princess Karsyn before on my blog and she has just had her first birthday!   We celebrated in the studio for her last session: her first year portraits.   She has such a beautiful, happy soul and she is already showcasing so much of her big personality!   She giggled and laughed throughout the entire session and she loved her cake smash!  There was cake, icing and yogurt everywhere and we had one happy little tummy by the end!

 Karsyn, you have changed so much and yet so little since our first session so many months ago!  I am so sad the first year is over… but hopefully I will have many more opportunities over the years to photograph you and watch as you grow into that big personality.  Mom and Dad, keep up the great work!  I adore your little family! <3 

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