Turning One and Finding HOME| Adoption Love

• September 25th, 2020 •

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The Reynolds had some exciting news and called me to help them celebrate!! Their girls Maia and Taelor were turning one AND they were finally getting adopted!! (We shot this session last year but we weren’t able to share them just yet as they were in the foster care system.) These beautiful girls had a difficult start to their story but have found their forever home with an AMAZING new family with a great new mom and dad and LOTS of big brothers and sisters (they are joining six other siblings!)

Until Now We’ve Shared Their Love and Home As of Today We Will Share Their Last Name
Until Now We’ve Shared Their Love and Home As of Today We Will Share Their Last Name

So much excitement and we decided to capture the milestones with pictures, tutus, rubber duckies and CAKE! These girls did great in front of the camera, although Taelor was not such a fan of the tutu. She took a little convincing to sit by herself but some snacks and a ballon helped!

One year portraits are one of my favorites to shoot and these beautiful girls made it twice as nice! (Although it was also twice the mess, all that sticky cake and frosting!!!)

I adore this family and cannot wait to watch these beautiful girls grow up in their new family with so many big brothers and sisters! Maybe someday we get the whole family of 10 together for some updated family portraits!

Olivia and Shanyn Mermaid and Merman

• September 4th, 2020 •

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Ever since I started offering Mermaid portrait sessions my daughter, Olivia, has wanted to dress up as a mermaid. I was really happy to see that her boyfriend, Shanyn, decided to participate in the portrait session with her. She looked like a magical mermaid and it was a surreal reminder that my little girl is growing up. Stephanie Hall Fields was kind enough to do Olivia’s make up for her session and it helped make Olivia truly look the part and feel as if she really was a mermaid.

I am so excited to share these photographs of Olivia and Shanyn. Aren’t they adorable?

If you are interested in mermaids (or mermen!), message me and lets do it!

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