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• January 26th, 2014 •

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In the past week I have been called “The Best Photographer in the World” by two different people.  (Aww… I LOVE you guys!)   And while I LOVE the compliment, I know I still have a long way to go to accept that title!!  I love capturing all of the perfect moments that I do… but I am very rarely 100% satisfied with my work. I always see room for improvement and I spend a good amount of money each year attending conferences and classes to improve myself.

It is funny actually, how much I enjoy taking photography classes, conferences, workshops and seminars.  I have a college degree ( a bachelors in Special Education) but even as a college student never expected myself to go any further the 4 year degree.  I didn’t hate school, I just didn’t really want to keep at it past the four year degree.  Now though, if money would allow, I would take every class possible that related to photography and owning your own business!

And as I take more classes, I realize I have SO MUCH to learn.  Not only about photography, but about being a small business owner as well!  No wonder there is a college degree in business… there is A LOT you need to know to be successful as a small business owner.  I was lucky enough to attend two differnt conferences last year but this year is already jam packed with learning!

First, just yesterday, I took a one-on-one mentoring class with local newborn photographer Keely of Kiwi Marie Photography.  I adore newborn photography, but it is a WHOLE DIFFERENT world of photography!  Posing, soothing, lighting, props… there is so much that is different about working with these precious new human beings! I had a great time even tough our little models were a tad cranky.  In fact, our adorable second model never made it to in front of the camera.  His tummy was a bit upset and he wasn’t in the mood for portraits!  But here are a few great images we WERE able to capture!

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I am very thankful to Keely for taking some time to teach me all the newborn tricks!  I learned a lot, but am already cursing you for all the new stuff I want to buy!  🙂

I am super excited this year to be attending AT LEAST three different photography conferences!  On Monday I leave for Florida for the SPI Conference that will mostly deal with photographing High School Seniors.  I am looking forward to building that part of my business too!

Then in March I am attending the Clic Photography Conference in Raleigh, NC.  This conference is for women business owners and photographers.

Then in May, I will be attending the Mid Atlantic Regional School Of Photography for the 5th year!  It is located in New Jersey and I love going every year!

All this said to say, I love that you all love my work.  I work hard to perfect my craft and become a better photographer and business owner.  I love learning new ideas and am so blessed that you appreciate my hard work by continuing to book with me!  I have aways to go before I feel I’ll truly earn that “Best Photographer in the World” title, but I’ll keep working towards it!  🙂


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