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• March 16th, 2023 •

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I often get emails asking about a photoshoot saying they only need “one picture” and if I can accommodate that.  The short answer is of course yes, you can purchase just one or two pictures but why do all that work for just one?! If you are going to take the time to get everyone dressed, do your hair and makeup, rearrange everyone schedules and come out for a photoshoot- Im going to make the most of the time we have!  No way am I letting you do all that work for 5 minutes in front of my camera!  Ive got all my gear and equipment ready and set, lets take some time and really capture ALL the moment and relationships! 


I don’t charge per person (within reason- you can’t bring the whole neighborhood) but when you book your session. I encourage the whole family to come prepared.  Foe example if you book a senior portrait session- lets get a few family or mother/daughter shots.  If you need a headshot- bring along your spouse and lets also capture some romantic portraits as well! A 6 month old milestone session?  Lets capture some amazing sibling shots too!


You have no pressure to buy any of these “extra” portraits or poses but my families often thanks me for using the time they had set aside for one type of portrait- and helping them create beautiful portraits they hadn’t been expecting. Often some of these become the “star” or “favorite” from their session.


Take a look at this incredible family i photographed during a Senior Portrait session.  We focused on the Brandon, my senior, but we also captured the siblings together, some family portraits and some romantic portraits on mom and dad!  We maybe spend 20 minutes on these shots, but what wonderful portraits we created!  We used the session for what it was intended- Senior Portraits- but my family also walked away with some incredible memories and portraits celebrating their family, their kids and their marriage!

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