Jenn and Johnny are having a BABY!! | Maternity Photographer Virginia Beach

• October 28th, 2014 •

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I LOVE this family!  I have known Jennifer for years, in fact three years ago we served with each other on a missions trip in Colombia!  She is such a sweet, genuine person.  I was there to watch her fall in love with Johnny and become mom to the beautiful Cheyenne!

A year ago, they suffered heartbreak when they miscarried their first baby.  We were all devastated but knew, somehow, God would heal their hearts and their dreams for growing their family would come true.  And then, seven months ago, they DID!  I was SO EXCITED to hear Jennifer and Johnny were expecting a baby boy and was honored they chose me to capture this amazing time of carrying him!

Since it’s October, we decided a pumpkin patch was the PERFECT place to start their photo shoot.  Jennifer was the most beautiful I have ever seen her and she glowed throughout her session.  I loved the vintage pram they brought that they will use with Baby Johnny, and it made for a perfect prop when we moved the session to the woods.  Cheyenne did great too and was jumping for JOY as she waits to meet her baby brother!

Thanks Bradley’s for allowing me to capture this extra special time in your lives.  I can’t wait to photograph your little man in just a few months!

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Sedale: Class of 2015 | Virginia Beach Senior Portrait Photographer

• October 13th, 2014 •

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What an honor it was to photograph Sedale.  I have been facebook friends with his mom, Ellen, for many years.  She and I were first “introduced” when I was in my first year of business almost five years ago!   She had seen some portraits I did for a friend of hers, and she told me way back then that I would photograph her family someday!  She doesn’t live in Hampton Roads though, so we knew it might be a while til we could manage the logistics.  It is such an honor when people drive such a long distance just to have their portraits made by me so my heart was overflowing when we finally made it work! <3

I was able to photograph her son Sedale, a high school senior this year!   (We also did some family portraits but we’re saving those images for Christmas cards so no sharing!)  Sedale rocked his session and we had a blast.  We had a great sunset and a perfect shoot!

Congratulations Sedale.  Have a great Senior year.  Kick some butt on the ball field and I can’t wait to hear what college I need to root for next year!  Thanks so much Ellen for staying such a fan of my work.  It truly was a blessing meeting you and capturing these portraits for your family! 


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Senior Rep Crew: Stephanie | Senior Portrait Photographer Virginia Beach

• October 8th, 2014 •

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I LOVE my Crew Members who help me spread the word about my High School Senior Portrait business to their peers.  I am working hard to grow that part of Devon Shanor Photography and my Crew Members are working hard to earn some great benefits too!  My Crew Members get two portrait sessions.  One is a model session, where I plan the session so we can use the images for their marketing materials and the second is their regular senior portrait session.  I will be sharing each of my Crew Members Model Sessions this month as well as doing a small interview with them so you, too, can get to know them!  Our 2015 Seniors are so amazing with such talent and inspiration. I would love for you to get to know them a little and keep them in your thoughts/prayers as they work through this last year of school and prepare for chasing all their dreams after high school! 

Meet Stephanie K.  Help her earn benefits (even a college scholarship) and contact me for your own Senior Portrait/Family session!  Just tell me she referred you! 

What school do you attend?

I am a senior at Hickory High School and a 4-year at The Governors School for the Arts in the Musical Theatre Department.

What are you enjoying most about being a Senior? 

Even though senior year is stressful with college apps and scholarships, its just really a really exciting time. Your life is changing in such a big way, but even the small things like getting to drive my car to school are exciting!

 Describe yourself in 10 words or less.

This is going to be hard, so I got a little help from my friends! Sassy, funny, loving, smart, powerful, creative, unique, ambitious, artistic and independent.

What activities are you involved in? 

I go to a perfoming arts high school, which I’m very involved in. Last year I was on prom committee, I am a performance intern with Virginia Musical Theatre, I am a member of OperationSmile, National Honor Society and The National Society of High School Scholars.

Where Was your Session?

My model session was in downtown Ghent and Hague Lock Bridge.

Tell everyone a little about your session. 

My session was definitely memorable! Because we were on the bridge, many people walked by and were really intrigued by what was going on, but none more than a few skateboarders who actually ended up IN one of my shots! It was spontaneous but it ended came out so cool looking! 

What did you think of your portraits?

I ADORE my portraits! It was actually hard narrowing them down, but I loved the portraits with my blue guitar in the sunset, they came out incredible.

How was it working with Devon? 

Devon made me feel so at ease the entire session. Nothing was ever uncomfortable or awkward, it felt really natural and fun. She kept things really upbeat the entire time.

What did your friends think about your portraits?

My friends keep asking me how Devon got the shot with my guitar above my head! I was actually up on a bench with a light behind me, but none of them could tell! My friends have been so sweet about my pictures, I think they love them just as much as I do! 

Tell everyone about being a Crew Member.

Being a Crew Member for Devon has been awesome! I am loving it so far, and I’m so glad Devon is giving me this opportunity. I always wanted a little something different for my senior pictures, and thats exactly whats happening, so I’m ecstatic. 

What ideas do you have in mind for your full senior session?

I am SO hype for my for my full session! I’m very open to ideas, but so far I would love to do an edgy, urban session, or an autumnal session when fall is in full swing!

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It’s time to think about Christmas Cards | Virginia Beach Family Photographer

• October 8th, 2014 •

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It’s Christmas card time!  You all know you love all the GOOD mail you get every November/December.  Seeing how much your nieces and nephews have grown and matured, seeing how much weight (and hair?) your brother is steadily losing, and how stunning Aunt Emily still looks.  It’s all there to see in their yearly Christmas card which you proudly display on your wall, mantle or refrigerator!

Guess what?  YOU can be that awesome family member too!  Send out your own amazing Christmas cards this year!  It’s time for some amazing family portraits anyway!  The kids are growing up and when was the last time you captured the WHOLE family and all that awesomeness in one portrait??  Be the cool family member who “has- it -all- together- she- even- sent- out- these- cool- Christmas- cards!” as well as FINALLY create and hang that amazing wall canvas of your family you have been dying to do for years!

Contact me today to book your family portraits before Dec. 10th and I will throw in 25 FREE Christmas cards!  Here a few samples with some of my awesome current clients!


Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.44.39 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.19.08 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.38.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.45.04 PM