You don’t need “Just one Picture” from your photoshoot | Hampton Roads Photographer

• March 16th, 2023 •

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I often get emails asking about a photoshoot saying they only need “one picture” and if I can accommodate that.  The short answer is of course yes, you can purchase just one or two pictures but why do all that work for just one?! If you are going to take the time to get everyone dressed, do your hair and makeup, rearrange everyone schedules and come out for a photoshoot- Im going to make the most of the time we have!  No way am I letting you do all that work for 5 minutes in front of my camera!  Ive got all my gear and equipment ready and set, lets take some time and really capture ALL the moment and relationships! 


I don’t charge per person (within reason- you can’t bring the whole neighborhood) but when you book your session. I encourage the whole family to come prepared.  Foe example if you book a senior portrait session- lets get a few family or mother/daughter shots.  If you need a headshot- bring along your spouse and lets also capture some romantic portraits as well! A 6 month old milestone session?  Lets capture some amazing sibling shots too!


You have no pressure to buy any of these “extra” portraits or poses but my families often thanks me for using the time they had set aside for one type of portrait- and helping them create beautiful portraits they hadn’t been expecting. Often some of these become the “star” or “favorite” from their session.


Take a look at this incredible family i photographed during a Senior Portrait session.  We focused on the Brandon, my senior, but we also captured the siblings together, some family portraits and some romantic portraits on mom and dad!  We maybe spend 20 minutes on these shots, but what wonderful portraits we created!  We used the session for what it was intended- Senior Portraits- but my family also walked away with some incredible memories and portraits celebrating their family, their kids and their marriage!

Family in the City | Norfolk Family Portraits

• October 8th, 2022 •

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I have know this family since before the kids were even born!  They are some of my oldest friends and I was so happy to photograph them in the city. We literally STOPPED TRAFFIC!  I love all the personality and uniqueness of each of them.  We had such a great time.  

Mom and Dad needed some updated headshots too.  When you book with Devon Shanor Photography there is no need to book a separate session for that, we can just incorporate that right into our family session! 

Santa on the Beach | Virginia Beach VA

• October 7th, 2022 •

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Santa is back at the beach.  So excited to have Santa Todd and Santa Randy back in Virginia Beach for our Santa on the beach portraits! Time slots will sell out quickly so don’t wait to book.  And keep checking back if you can’t make it, we are doing cookies with Santa in December! 

Bring the whole family as there is enough time in the session for a few family portraits and portraits with Santa.   Check out some of these amazing portraits from last year!


18 Months Old | Virginia Beach Portraits

• October 7th, 2022 •

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I had such a fun time exploring First Landing State Park with this adorable family as we celebrated 18 months with little M!  We got some fabulous portraits with mommy and daddy, some great family portraits and then we had a blast playing in the water!  We even took time to photograph mom and dad together, something I feel is some important to do.  Don’t forget to capture the ones who started it all! 


Look who’s FIVE | Birthday Portraits Virginia Beach

• October 6th, 2022 •

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Little Q turned FIVE this year and we celebrated with cupcakes in the woods and splashing in the ocean! We had such a fun time taking her birthday portraits and had such beautiful Virginia Beach sunset. We even tried sparklers for the first time but she wasn’t quite sure what she thought about them!

First Landing State park is so beautiful and I love photographing portraits there!! 

Baseball with Dad | Photography Virginia Beach

• October 2nd, 2022 •

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One of my favorite things about my job is getting to stay connected with families and clients.  It makes my job seem less like a job and more like connecting with old friends! 

I photographed this little guy while he was still in momma’s belly so getting to photograph him now, as a little baseball player, is so much fun.  I did his new sisters newborn portraits, but before them we took some time to photograph him and his dad (and coach,) in his baseball uniform! 

Such a fun little session and I loved creating some amazing portraits for his family to remember his first years in the sport- who knows maybe the will be pitching in the majors one day!!!

What a Treasure | Newborn Portraits Virginia Beach

• October 1st, 2022 •

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Welcome Little Treasure!  I loved getting to photograph this little beauty who has the most true name ever- what a little treasure she was! She did so good during her session.  And I am SO GLAD mom brought her big brothers to the session.  She almost didn’t as the thought of wrangling two ACTIVE 3 years old when her newborn is less than 2 weeks old was too overwhelming for her.  But I convinced her to let me try.  My studio is equipped with a big play area for kids and even has an area for watching movies.  So she brought the while family and we were able to create some amazing family and sibling portraits too! 


Welcome Baby G | Newborn Portraits Hampton Roads

• October 1st, 2022 •

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Oh my goodness did Little G rock his newborn session.  Such a cutie!  And Daddy is a Newport News Police Officer, so capturing little G with his Dad’s uniform was so adorable!  Thanks Dad for your service to our community! 


Beach portraits | Maternity Virginia Beach

• September 5th, 2022 •

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Lenae is so beautiful and glowing!  We had so much fun at First Landing State Park for Marcus and Lenae’s maternity portraits. 


First Grade to Forever | Couple Portraits Hampton Roads

• September 10th, 2021 •

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One of my very favorite things to photograph is couples that have been married for decades.  So often we forget to truly appreciate and cherish the love in a marriage when kids, school, careers, sports, activities, bills, church and EVERYTHING else that comes with running and family and a household, comes FIRST.  We forget that two people started it all, two people who fell in love are the foundation of it all.  Too often we forget where it all began and truly celebrate each other and the love they share. 

My Treasured Love Sessions are such an important part of my business.  They bring me so much joy and hope! These session celebrate the couple and their journey through life, love, commitment and sacrifice.

I was SO honored to photograph Joe and Faye.  They met in FIRST GRADE!  They have so many decades of memories, from coloring and recess, to sock hops and cotillions, from football and cheerleading to building a family, to retirement and grandkids. It was such a blessing to “walk down memory lane” with them as they shared so many of these special moments with me and reminisced on a life well loved. 

We even photographed Faye in her wedding gown… that still fit!!!!  She looks as beautiful now as I am sure she did then, and her grooms eyes are still focused on her! 

During our session planning, I had them each answer a few questions without the help of knowledge of the other.  I used their answers to “write” them a letter from one to the other.  It was such a special moments as they read their letters to each other and then danced to their favorite song.

Enjoy this little walk down memory lane with us as we celebrate the love between Joe and Faye!