Kenneth: Great Neck Middle School Wrestler | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

• March 24th, 2015 •

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Kenny is on my son Logan’s wrestling team.  Like Logan, this year was his first year wrestling.. AND like Logan he had an undefeated season!  He’s an awesome young man and I was very happy my son chose him to look up too. 

We captured the end of his amazing season with some wrestling portraits.   Let’s just say, he killed it!  He could go into modeling if he choose, completely at ease in front of my camera!  Those eyes!  😉

Congratulations on an amazing season Kenny!  Proud of your hard work and the great man you are becoming… both on and off the mat! 


wrestler-9wrestler-8wrestler-1 wrestler-2 wrestler-4 wrestler-5 wrestler-7


If you have a young lady or man involved in sports and would love some unique different portraits, contact me today! 

Welcome Ellianna | Newborn Photographer Virginia Beach

• March 24th, 2015 •

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Sometimes my clients make me feel old!  I have known Kennedi for about 6 years have watched her go from middle school, to high school, to graduation.  Watching her blossom as a young woman and now MOM is such a blessing for me.  I was honored and so blessed to photograph her perfect little Angel, Ellianna.  Oh my goodness, is she adorable.  (Luckily, she also goes to church with me so I can steal her from mom for a few songs and score some snuggle time!)

Ellianna was about four weeks old in these portraits, but in many of them, she looks so much older!  She has such an old soul and looking into those perfect brown eyes I feel like she is telling me a story I should never forget! 

Thanks Kennedi for sharing your princess with me.  I can’t wait to photograph both of you in the future! 

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Love in the snow | Family Portrait Photographer Virginia Beach

• March 19th, 2015 •

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We live at the beach… we are not made for snow!!!  I grew up in Michigan and Ohio so I grew up with LOTS of snow, but I moved away from it!  When it does snow, I spend most of those days inside huddled by the fireplace!  BUT even I have to admit, pictures in the snow can be amazing!

I have photographed Audre and Chloe in the past, and I loved being able to add Justin and Emory to the mix for our snowey photoshoot!  These guys are so much fun and the girls were simply adorable!   They were the perfect Frozen Princesses!  

Justin and Audre are celebrating a year together and what a better way than some amazing memories in the snow? I LOVED capturing these shots of this wonderful pair and hope they will cherish them forever! Thanks you guys for braving the snow and trusting me to capture your love.

 happy_276 happy_277 happy_278 happy_279 happy_280 happy_281 happy_282 happy_283 happy_284 happy_288happy_286happy_289happy_287happy_285

Aiden: Nine Months | Baby’s First Year Portraits

• March 9th, 2015 •

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I haven’t seen Aiden for about six months and I was so surprised at how big he has gotten!  I loved all his little faces and his adorable toothey smile!  He brought along grandpa’s hat and we were able to get a few pictures of him wearing it, but he enjoyed taking it off and throwing it more than wearing it!  I loved all the great snuggles and smiles we got with mom and dad and grandma too! 🙂

I love seeing you grow Aiden.  Can’t wait to celebrate the big ONE with you in a few months!


aiden-15 aiden-4-2aiden-3-2aiden-1-2 aiden-2-2 aiden-6-2 aiden-5-2 aiden-14 aiden-7aiden-11 aiden-10 aiden-9 aiden-8 aiden-6 aiden-5 aiden-4 aiden-3 aiden-2 aiden-1 aiden-1-3aiden-2-3 aiden-12 aiden-13 aiden-16 aiden-17

Gretchen Professional Headshots | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

• March 9th, 2015 •

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Gretchen is an up and coming interior designer and she is AWESOME!  Her work is amazing and you won’t find someone better to work with!  She’s getting her website put together and she needed some amazing professional portraits to present her best self!

We wanted fresh, natural, beautiful portraits but we had six inches of snow and ice!!  She didn’t want indoor studio portraits, so we found a beautiful little niche in her backyard and I LOVE the way these turned out!  It doesn’t look twenty five degrees out and the white behind her could be snow… but it could also be spring flowers!  She looks AMAZING and I know I’d hire her.  She looks like the creative, adorable, fun, talented women she is, and I’d trust her to remodel my kitchen!!!

If you’d like more information about Gretchen, let me know.  We don’t have her website yet, but I can send you her way if you’d like!  I’ll update this blog with her site when she’s ready to share it with the world!  🙂

Call today to schedule your own professional headshots and present your best self on your own websites, business cards and marketing materials!


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