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• October 8th, 2014 •

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It’s Christmas card time!  You all know you love all the GOOD mail you get every November/December.  Seeing how much your nieces and nephews have grown and matured, seeing how much weight (and hair?) your brother is steadily losing, and how stunning Aunt Emily still looks.  It’s all there to see in their yearly Christmas card which you proudly display on your wall, mantle or refrigerator!

Guess what?  YOU can be that awesome family member too!  Send out your own amazing Christmas cards this year!  It’s time for some amazing family portraits anyway!  The kids are growing up and when was the last time you captured the WHOLE family and all that awesomeness in one portrait??  Be the cool family member who “has- it -all- together- she- even- sent- out- these- cool- Christmas- cards!” as well as FINALLY create and hang that amazing wall canvas of your family you have been dying to do for years!

Contact me today to book your family portraits before Dec. 10th and I will throw in 25 FREE Christmas cards!  Here a few samples with some of my awesome current clients!


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