Devon Shanor Photography |  Virginia Beach, VA


My name is Devon and I am the owner of Devon Shanor Photography.  I have THE best job in the world and decades after beginning my photography journey, I STILL agree with this statement! I don’t just want to photograph you once, give you your portraits, never to see you again. I want to provide you with, not only amazing photographs, but such amazing customer service that you feel comfortable calling me not only your family photographer, but also your friend.  I adore photographing others life-changing moments and over the years, I’ve honed my skills, embraced new technologies, and evolved as both an artist and a storyteller.

Besides being a photographer, I am a wife to my amazing husband Brett and “mom” to three beautiful and inspiring adult children, Olivia, Logan and Messay. They are my inspiration and my heart.   Its been tough navigating from being a mom of “kids” to a mom of adult children but my joy at being their mother has not dissipated!   I am also involved in mission work both locally and abroad.  I am happiest when I am helping others as I so desire to leave my mark on the world as someone who laughed often and loved well!

I try to put all my heart and soul into everything I do.   I would be honored if you would give me the opportunity to get to know you and your loved ones not only through the lens of my camera, but through the doors of your heart as well!  (Yes, that was cheesy sounding… but that’s me.  Fun, cheesy, silly and sentimental all wrapped up into one neat little package!)