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• July 14th, 2014 •

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As a small business owner, I know the importance of presenting yourself well. As social media becomes more and more prevalent, people are able to “see” you much easier and they want to know who it is they are working with. Professional portraits or head shots are such an important way to present yourself well to the world!

That said, meet Imani, my latest business portrait client. I met Imani at a networking meeting and we hit it off. She realized she really needed an updated business portrait. I was also so excited to hear about her business and I am SO very thankful for people like her doing what they do! Her business is called Inner Vision Concepts, LLC. It is created to assist women to find and/or refuel their purpose and passion so that they can walk out their destiny fearlessly, inspired and victoriously. Mo matter what their past has looked like, they don’t have to be defined by it. Rather, they can use it as a learning experience to propel them forward into their bright futures! For more information, Imani can be reached at

This world is full of difficulties and it’s so important having people like her working to make it a better place. Thank you, Imani, for doing what you do! I pray success for your business and blessings to you and your clients!

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