An Answer to Prayer: Welcome 3D | Virginia Beach Newborn Photograher

• November 4th, 2016 •

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Watching families grow is simply one of the best parts of my job.  I can remember years ago photographing the David family while they were praying for another child, and getting to see where they are now is such a honor.

Welcome Little Moses the third!!  This little guy is such an answer to prayer for the David family.  God’s timing is always perfect and while “not yet” was hard to hear for so many years, we are so very thankful for His perfect timing! 

We welcomed Moses (aka 3D as he is Moses David the THIRD) in July and he was such a star during his session.  He cooed and smiled and slept like a champ!   Already a superstar like his Daddy.

 Big sister Amani is in love with him too, I love seeing older siblings love on their baby siblings and I can already tellt hat Amani will be like a second momma to little 3D!

 Enjoy the David family and some of their favorite portraits from their session.  <3 <3 photography_997 photography_995 photography_993 photography_992 photography_990 photography_988 photography_986 photography_985 photography_984 photography_983 photography_007 photography_006 photography_005 photography_004 photography_001 photography_998photography_002photography_999



Lifestyle Maternity | Baby’s First Year Photographer

• September 15th, 2016 •

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Baby number two is on the way for Raf and Claire!!  They are longtime clients that I am OVER THE MOON excited for as they welcome a new sibling for little Jack!   Claire called me and asked for a family session that would include a few maternity portraits, but WOULDN’T focus on the “belly” the whole time.  She is such an adorable and beautiful pregnant mommy… but just didn’t want a ton of pictures withe focus being on her belly! 

Since it was SUPER HOT and had been raining for days, we decided the best bet was a lifestyle session at home.  We are all so glad we did as the pictures turned out amazing .  As there will likely be a household move in the future, these portraits will be some amazing treasures showing the love in the home where both their children were born and spent their first years.  

Of course, as I LOVE maternity portrait showcasing the bump- I did convince Claire to do a FEW in a maternity gown that focused on how beautiful she is with that beautiful baby bump!   Enjoy and say a pray for Claire and Raf… they are officially past the due date and ready to welcome their newest little one! 

UPDATE:  I wrote this blog and guess who arrived the very next day?  The beautiful Katherine… a perfect little girl to add to this amazing family!!!  Great job Claire, I am finishing up her newborn portraits now and she is so adorable with her chunky little legs!  I can’t wait to share with you! 

photography_944 photography_951 photography_952 photography_953 photography_954 photography_955 photography_956 photography_957 photography_958 photography_959 photography_960


Welcome Mr. Gabriel | Newborn Portrait Photographer

• August 5th, 2016 •

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Mr Gabriel was ready to come into this world… so ready he came the very day we had scheduled his mommy for her maternity portraits!!!  So sadly, we don’t have maternity portraits for mommy and daddy, but we do have some amazing newborn portraits!  He was such a little star during our session.  He slept and cooed and was such a joy to photograph.  Mom and dad did pretty amazing too!  I can’t wait to watch him grow and I look forward to our next session!  

Check out Mr. Gabriel in all his adorableness! 

photography_772 photography_774 photography_779photography_775photography_776photography_778photography_787photography_773photography_780photography_781photography_782photography_783photography_784photography_785photography_786photography_788photography_789

Welcome Emmanuel | Newborn Photographer Virginia Beach

• June 20th, 2016 •

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What can be better than three amazing boys?  FOUR amazing boys!  Welcome baby Emmanuel to the beautiful Lopez family.  I was so very excited to photograph this adorable, chubby little guy!  He was such a trooper during our session and was a great little model! His big brothers can’t wait for him to grow up a little more… I see lots of backyard wrestling matches and football games in their future!  Thank you Orlyn and and Alejandro for allowing me to spend time with your little guy and photograph your family.  It is such an honor too capture these moments and I hope we lots of years of family portraits in our future! 

photography_699 photography_700 photography_701 photography_702 photography_703 photography_704 photography_705 photography_706 photography_708 photography_709 photography_710 photography_713 photography_714 photography_715 photography_717photography_769 photography_771photography_770



The Lopez’s- Adding another boy to the mix! | Maternity Photographer Virginia Beach

• April 10th, 2016 •

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Meet the handsome Lopez boys… oh, yeah, and the beautiful mom that impressively handles it all, Orlyn. I was so excited to capture this family as they prepare to welcome… another BOY!  

We wanted to capture some family and maternity portraits outdoors, but the weather was a bit chilly!  Thankfully, my studio has a beautiful outdoor space as well so we were able to do the family portraits outdoors and then head inside for a few more maternity portraits. 

Everyone is so excited to meet baby Emmanuel and his big brothers can’t wait to teach him all the ropes of being a Lopez!  We had a blast on our session and the boys were amazingly well behaved and simply adorable to photograph!  

I will be sharing Emmanuel’s welcome to the world soon… but for now lets enjoy the family as they prepare to welcome him! 

As a side note, Orlyn looks AMAZING!  She totally rocked her maternity shots and looks like a hired model!!! 

photography_627 photography_628 photography_631 photography_643 photography_644 photography_645 photography_648

photography_629 photography_630 photography_632 photography_633 photography_634 photography_635 photography_636 photography_646 photography_650photography_638 photography_639 photography_640 photography_641 photography_642 photography_651

Welcome Shiloh | Newborn Photographer Virginia Beach

• April 4th, 2016 •

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She’s HERE… Welcome baby Shiloh!  Even though she was born in December, for me, she was my New Year’s baby!  Why?  Well- she was my first client of the new year!   What a way to start 2016!

Shiloh has been a member of the Devon Shanor Photography family for years… as I have been photographing her mommy and daddy before I was even in business!  Jared and Haley are wonderful friends and clients and they have trusted me for years to capture their memories!  We’ve gone from their engagement to their wedding, from professional headshots to maternity portraits! We have walked through many ups and downs together and I was very excited to hear that they welcomed little Shiloh just after Christmas!  

Shiloh is such a perfect little girl.  I wanted to cuddle her as much as photograph her during her session!  She’s blessed with such wonderful parents and extended family and I can’t wait to see her grow into the amazing little girl she is destined to become.

Thanks Jared and Haley for sharing her with me.  She is such a beautiful little lady and I am so excited to see your little family growing! 

Shiloh-4 Shiloh-8 Shiloh-10 Shiloh-13 Shiloh-20 Shiloh-24 Shiloh-26 Shiloh-27 Shiloh-30 Shiloh-32 Shiloh-45 Shiloh-48 Shiloh-49 Shiloh-52 Shiloh-56 Shiloh-57 Shiloh-62 Shiloh-65 Shiloh-73

Thee boys = a FULL house! | Newborn/Family Photographer Virginia Beach

• January 28th, 2016 •

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Welcome baby Judah!  He joins big brothers Elam and Kenan, making mom and dad some very blessed and tired parents!  As Judah was a bit older than most newborns during their session (he was just a month old during his session!) he didn’t do a lot of sleeping. .. so we worked with that and we got to see lots of his beautiful, inquisitive eyes!

If you have ever tried to photograph a two year old and a one month old at the same time, you’ll know we had our work cut out for us!  Teenage brother Kenan was a GREAT assistant to me though, helping wrangle Elam and helping me soothe little Judah in between setups!  Finally, we were even able to pull off some beautiful family portraits showcasing this loving, amazing, beautiful family! 

Melinda and Jeff- thanks for sharing your boys with me.  It might have been a hectic session but I am so very pleased with our results and was so blessed to have met you both!   May God bless you and grant you sleepy boys and sleep filled nights! 


photography_563 photography_564 photography_565 photography_566 photography_567 photography_568 photography_569 photography_570photography_571photography_561photography_562

photography_572 photography_573 photography_574 photography_575 photography_576 photography_577

Welcome Noah | Newborn Portrait Photographer

• October 21st, 2015 •

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Look at this adorable little guy!!!  He was such a rock star during his session and I LOVE how his portraits turned out.  We don’t know if he’ll be a little bookworm or a Harley Riding tough guy, so we tried to capture both in his portraits!  

Layake and Matt, you make adorable babies… I think you should have about half a dozen more!  🙂  happy_505 happy_506 happy_507 happy_508 happy_509 happy_510 happy_511 happy_512 happy_513happy_518 happy_514 happy_515 happy_516 happy_517

Welcome Ellianna | Newborn Photographer Virginia Beach

• March 24th, 2015 •

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Sometimes my clients make me feel old!  I have known Kennedi for about 6 years have watched her go from middle school, to high school, to graduation.  Watching her blossom as a young woman and now MOM is such a blessing for me.  I was honored and so blessed to photograph her perfect little Angel, Ellianna.  Oh my goodness, is she adorable.  (Luckily, she also goes to church with me so I can steal her from mom for a few songs and score some snuggle time!)

Ellianna was about four weeks old in these portraits, but in many of them, she looks so much older!  She has such an old soul and looking into those perfect brown eyes I feel like she is telling me a story I should never forget! 

Thanks Kennedi for sharing your princess with me.  I can’t wait to photograph both of you in the future! 

happy_291 happy_292 happy_293 happy_294 happy_295 happy_296 happy_297 happy_298 happy_299 happy_300

Chris Jr. Completes the Lewis Family | Newborn Photographer Virginia Beach, VA

• February 26th, 2015 •

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It has been my honor to know the Lewis family for so many years!  Kelly and Chris were there  when I first began my photography career and I was blessed to photograph Kelly when she was pregnant with her first daughter, Halle.  Now, years later, I am honored to photograph Chris Jr. as he completes this wonderful family.  Chris and Kelly have faced their share of ups and downs, but have always made sure to put family first.  Chris works so hard to provide for them and Kelly is such a great mom as she manages homeschooling, a toddler AND caring for a newborn!  I LOVE your family, guys.  Thanks for being there for me, both in my business and outside of it as well!  I am so glad to see your family grow and pray a shower of blessings this year upon you!

Now check out this little cutie!!! 

chris-1 chris-2 chris-3 chris-4 chris-5

I LOVE Noelle’s face in this… not sure she likes Chris taking over big sister Halle’s attention! 

chris-6 chris-7 chris-8 chris-9 chris-10 chris-11 chris-12 chris-13 chris-14 chris-15 chris-16 chris-17 chris-18 chris-19 chris-20