Devon Shanor Photography |  Virginia Beach, VA

Hi I am the Office Manager/Graphic Designer for Devon Shanor Photography! I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful team. I met Devon when she photographed my family for the first time three years ago.  It was a great experience and she even managed to get my husband to smile… (how she got him to have fun getting his photo taken, I’ll never know!) but that’s why we love her. My boys wanted to go back as soon as we left. She was our photographer, turned friend, turned family!

I am a mom of two littles…. Moms of littles out there, I get it…. Bradley is five and Andrew is three. We just moved to Connecticut and the kids started school for the first time. It’s a whirlwind! I have learned that as a navy wife, a mom, a student, a graphic designer and as a person, “jack of all trades” is an understatement. I have to have just about any “hat” ready at all times, and I love it that way. Devon has given me a chance to do that and be a part of something bigger, and be myself while helping others. There are big things happening at Devon Shanor Photography and I am so excited to be a part of this incredible ride!