Devon Shanor Photography |  Virginia Beach, VA


Hello there! I’m Kelley, a homeschooling mom of five living in coastal Virginia. My days are filled with the beautiful chaos of family life, alongside my husband and our beloved doodle puppy.

Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine, cultivated amidst the sandy beaches and salty air of my coastal upbringing. I’ve always been drawn to the darker, moodier side of photography, finding beauty in the play of shadows and light.

Whether it’s capturing the carefree spirit of high school seniors, the anticipation of maternity, the connection between couples, or the energy of events, I aim to capture the essence of each moment with honesty and simplicity.

This space offers a peek into my world, where the threads of family life and the art of photography weave together in unexpected ways. As I join forces with Devon Shanor Photography, I embark on an exciting new chapter in my journey. I’m deeply grateful for the chance to share my passion with you and invite you to come along for the ride.