Rick and Diana Hocker: 25 Year Celebration

• September 24th, 2014 •

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In case, you haven’t heard me say it before, I love my church, Freedom Fellowship!!!  Our pastors and leaders, Rick and Diana Hocker, are a big reason why.  They have been our Senior Pastors for TWENTY FIVE YEARS! 

I have been a member of Freedom for almost eight years, the entire time we have lived in Virginia Beach.  When we adopted our son Messay, from Ethiopia, Pastor Rick and Freedom rallied behind us and helped us raise the thousands of dollars we needed to bring him home.  When my marriage was failing, Pastor Rick and Diana were instrumental in supporting us and helping us get back on track.  When finances were tough, the amazing food pantry at Freedom allowed to know our family wouldn’t go hungry.   My children learn about God at home, but on Sundays they also find out God isn’t BORING and they can have FUN during worship and in learning about Him.  Freedom is a big a part of our lives and school and work.  It’s home.

We have Rick and Diana to thank for the amazing church Freedom Fellowship has become.  I could go on and on about how they have impacted our life and I know about 600 other people who could do the same.  We love our church and for the past 25 years, Rick and Diana have led us.  They have sacrificed and shared so much of themselves.  They are a wonderful example of Pastoral love and we are so blessed to have them STILL serving, sacrificing and loving us.

I was honored and blessed to attend their 25 year Service Celebration this past weekend.  So many came out to celebrate and share.  We laughed at some of the old stories and pictures, we reminisced about the “way things used to be” and we talked about the amazing vision God has for our future.  Thank you Rick and Diana for your quarter of a century of service.  I hope to photograph the 50th anniversary as well!    Here are a few highlights from the evening.  If you want to see to see all the images from the night, just click on this link,  http://devonshanorphotography.smugmug.com/Freedom-Fellowship-1/25-Year-Celebration .

happy_139 happy_140 happy_141


Years ago, Pastor had a silver front tooth… Eddie and Curtis wanted to make sure we remembered that all evening!  🙂 happy_142

We were so blessed to have Rick’s Dad, Marvin Hocker speak and share some stories about Rick growing up!  happy_143happy_144


So many amazing speakers sharing how Rick and Diana have impacted ministries and people all over the world! happy_145 happy_156happy_146happy_161happy_149happy_152happy_153happy_154happy_155


Kids Felicia and Loren, and grandson Malachi, couldn’t be there, but they still sent their love! happy_157happy_158happy_159happy_148happy_147 happy_151


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