(A little late) Wrap up of 2013!!

• January 6th, 2014 •

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We have all said it multiple times these past few weeks, but WOW did this past year fly by!  So fast in fact, it flew right past me and we are now FOUR days into the new year!! So, yes, I am late in sending out this 2013 wrap-up but I have decided to do it anyway, for you as much as for me!  I love reflecting on the past- to see how much I’ve grown and to remember all the amazing people I photographed and portraits I created!

2013 was a year of faith for my family!  As many of you know, my husband ended 2012 unemployed and we desperately needed a new start in his career.  We prayed and talked for months and then made the difficult decision for my husband to go back to school fulltime while we relied on my photography business income to support our family.  Talk about surprised and overwhelmed!!!  While I LOVE my photography business, I wasn’t quite ready to be the sole provider for my family… but when God tells you to jump- you jump!!  So we jumped and without surprise, God provided!!!

My business plan has always been to develop strong relationships with my clients, to be blessed enough to photograph families as they grow and experience life changes!  And I was so very happy to strengthen some of those relationships this year as I photographed, weddings, graduations, pregnant mommies and newborn babies, sweet 16’s and more!   Thanks so much to all of you who have been to see me again this year!  You truly do make me do a little “happy dance” when you rebook me year after year!!  Here are a few of my “favorite” shots of 2013 from some of you who have become so near and dear to my heart and who I now consider part of my photography “family!’

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And just as exciting, I was able to photograph many NEW clients this year too!  So many of you have referred and recommended me and I am so honored!  I do not take it for granted when you tell your friends to visit me and I had sucha  great time getting to know so many new amazing people!  I am hoping that some of my new clients of 2013 will become repeat customers as well!  Take a look at some of their, and my, favorite portraits!


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