Photographs and Fire

• January 14th, 2014 •

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Photographs and fire just don’t play well together!  You, like most people would probably say that after your family and pets, your photographs would be one of the first things you’d save in the event of a fire!  The photographic memories of our kids growing up, with all of their (and our!) bad hair styles and crazy fashion choices are things we want to be able to remember and share with the next generations!  Losing them to a fire or theft can be devastating!

Recently, one of my long-time clients, Christy, had a house fire.  Praise the Lord, everyone escaped unharmed and after some renovations and repairs, they will, in the future, be able to move back into their home.  However, many things were lost, including all of her family portraits.  🙁    She has been a client of mine for many years and when the firefighters were there, one of them commented on the loss of her family portraits.  Her response:  “It’s okay, we know the photographer!”

Yep, every single portrait I have taken of Christy and her family are safe!   And we have worked together a lot over the last few years, so all of her family portraits, back to school portraits, ring dance portraits, portraits with Santa, Senior portraits, and more are safe and sound!! 

When you book with me, I keep your portraits backed up in multiple places so in the event I were to have have a theft or house fire, your images will still be safe! (Think about it… are Sears, Picture People, Portrait Innovations and Walmart going to offer you that peace of mind? Nope!)  When you have a house fire, I will work with you to make sure all of your past portraits will soon be back on display in your home!

(Sadly, the snapshots YOU have taken and stored in photo albums can still be lost though.  So please don’t forget to save those digital copies in the “cloud” or on external hard drive that you leave in a fireproof safe.)

Please keep my friend Christy in your prayers and thoughts as she and her family transition through this difficult time of temporary housing, insurance claims, rebuilding and more.  

(If you would like to help out Christy and her family, our church is taking donations to help them during this time!  You can give at and click on the “Join us in eGiving” icon.  Just put “Christy Myers- Fire” in the Other category!  Thank you so much from both Christy and myself!)

Here are a few images of Christy and her awesome family from when we first started working together to now!  Soon her walls will be displaying some of these awesome memories once again! 

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